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One of our dissertation, thesis, or assignment writing help team members' primary concerns is client satisfaction and fulfillment. Our services and helpful philosophy are often well received by students. As a result, we proudly guarantee some of the features listed below.

1. Personal Information Protection Policy

1. 1.1. The Company is committed to safeguarding the privacy of every customer. Customers' personal information, including credit card information, will not be shared with any third parties. Our processing system ensures that all transactions performed on our website using the online method are safe and secure.

2. 1.2. The client is satisfied with the option to use the credit card without fear of information being divulged. If information sharing on credit cards occurs due to circumstances outside the Company's control or fault, the Company assumes no responsibility.

3. 1.3. When placing an order, the Company requests that each customer supply their initial information, which includes their name, valid email address, and contact information. The information is completely secure in our database and will only be used to verify the customer's identity and contact them again.

4. 1.4. The Company has prohibited direct communication between the writer and the customer since both parties require a high level of security and privacy, and this allows us to save both the writer's and the customer's time. When a customer has a question, the qualified support team is there to answer it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

5. 1.5. Once an order is placed, the writing team has access to all files and information related to the order. If the consumer knowingly discloses personal information in the files or order details, the Company assumes no liability. When engaging with the writer via email, the Company strongly advises the client not to include any billing or personal information, such as (contact number, email address, personal identification, or billing information).

2. Request Cycle

1.2.1. While putting in a request, it is the client's responsibility to use the valid email and give the right contact data which assists us with speaking with the client. If there should be an occurrence of wrong data given by the client for example (email, contact number) will bring about infringement of concurred terms and conditions. Assuming that the Organization observed any inaccurate data, this might bring about the punishment of any case suggested by the client.

2.2.2. The client needs to pay the whole sum for the administration of our organization ahead of time to begin dealing with the mentioned task. The Organization isn't mindful, assuming the client neglected to pay the whole sum on schedule. Likewise, Organization acknowledges installment in the type of portion which will be chosen with working specialists on our live visit.

3.2.3. Order Directions: It is the client's responsibility to give clear and precise guidance in the allocated time if the guidelines are not satisfactory and extra guidelines will expect to handle the request, which might expand the period so the Organization will not be considered liable for this delay and can't give assurance to convey work within the assigned time. At the point when the request is sent, the client is told that any modification request should be founded on beginning necessity and portrayal of unique request.

4.2.4. Relevant sources: The writer is allowed to utilize the significant sources accessible on the web to finish the request; it might incorporate books, diary articles, online distributed material, contextual analysis, paper, and notes given by the client.

5.2.5. It is the client's liability to feature which source is to be utilized in the specific request like to incorporate subtleties/references from PDF design, books, address notes, or a particular source. This isn't the organization's obligation to observe the material which is labeled as paid on the web sources. Even though organizations look through relevant material from the private information base and consistently attempt to give quality material to the client. To add wanted sources in the request, the organization will encourage the client to give them appropriately while putting in the request.

  • If the deadline of the assignment is 3 days or more: All directions should be given in 12 hours or less.
  • Assuming that deadline is between 24 to 48 hours: All guidelines should be given in 3 hours or less.

Assuming that the client neglects to adhere to the guidance, it will bring about violating the Organization arrangements and loss of any case to be incidental on the Organization.

6.2.6. Matching the right Scholarly level: It is the client's liability to pick the right scholastic level while submitting a request. In this cycle, in the event, that client has picked an inappropriate scholastic level the Organization isn't answerable for this misstep, as this will assist us with choosing the essayist as indicated by the scholarly level chosen by the client. Assuming the client has put in a request and found a mistake, later on, it is the client's liability to inform us on an immediate basis to address the given assignment.

7.2.7. Revision description should match initial request: The Organization maintains all authority to check the resubmit interaction from its Quality assurance group and not to handle it further if the prerequisite doesn't coordinate with the first order details. The Inability to give the original description or pick some unacceptable product will charge extra charges to continue with its modification.

8.2.8. The organization can give drafts to clients on their request, but the request deadline time should not be between 24-72 hours.

9.2.9. Termination: The Organization maintains whatever authority is needed to drop any paid order(s) set by the client. This activity can be executed if the Organization distinguishes the absence of correspondence or collaboration from the client's end or under any circumstance reasonable for the Organization's inward issues. The Organization isn't answerable for reimbursement on an immediate basis, the quality affirmation office will survey the case autonomously and examined the number of elements to settle on up the choice. The Organization will reserve the right to conclude the decision and it is final.

3. Satisfaction Guarantee

The company is passionate about poviding customers with quality services and strictly adheres to the 100% plagiarism-free rule. For customer satisfaction, the company includes the following guarantees in its policy:

1. 3.1. If the client is not satisfied with the work, the company provides unlimited revisions according to our revision policy. If the required deadline for submitting the document expires due to revisions, the Company will not be responsible.

2 3.2. If a customer fails an exam or does not achieve the selected scores, the customer must request a refund within 10 days of the due date communicated to us. Your case will then be reviewed by our QA department and the percentages will be determined on behalf of your assessments and feedback from our team of experts. If you do not meet the requirements of the quality control department, we cannot solve the case. If 10 days pass and you request a refund after that, the company is not responsible for issuing it.

3. 3.3. In case of plagiarism with a high percentage, the customer must report and request a refund within 10 days of the order expiration. After 10 days, the company will not be responsible for any loss. A reimbursement percentage for plagiarized work is also determined based on the plagiarism percentage and the observations of our QA team.

4. 3.4 If, after reviewing your case, a company determines that you are entitled to a refund of more than 70%, the company will only pay a maximum of 70%.

5.3.5. The company has a clear policy that once an order is placed when the service is first provided and completed, the company cannot issue refunds unless our work results in exam failure or plagiarism. The above refund policy applies to both errors and plagiarism. Details: If the client finds problems in the work, they can request unlimited revisions according to our revision policy. If, after receiving many reviews, the customer is not satisfied and then asks for a refund, we have a clear policy that the service has already been rendered. Therefore we cannot issue a refund. Still, the client has the option to request a change of author or further revisions, but mention here that the company and its authors work hard to help the students take all necessary measures to maintain the best level of quality.

6.3.6. Any refund case related to satisfaction issues or other issues will not be considered after 15 days from the delivery date according to the order date chosen by the customer. 15 days pass out.

4. Revision Policy

1. 4.1. The company has provided a free revision policy to keep all valued customers satisfied until the customers' satisfaction is reached or until the specified revision guidelines are reached.

2.4.2. To obtain the Audit Policy Services, the Customer must submit all requests within the allotted time, which is a twenty (20) day period from the completion of the order. In the case of a term paper, dissertation, dissertation proposal, or research proposal exceeding 5000 words, the company has changed the policy of (35) days to process the term paper without additional payment. If the customer has not met the revision policy deadline or after two or three revisions this time have expired, the additional work will be charged according to the company's policy. If the customer cannot reach a satisfactory level in those 20 or 35 days, they must either pay more or request a refund according to the refund policy.

3. 4.3. In the case of any type of service other than research and writing, the company allows the customer to request revision and correction of errors within 5 days from the delivery date.

4.4.4. The Quality Control Department reserves the right to limit the number of revisions if the department finds: the change in the requirement of the original order details, the apparent abuse of the revision option, or the benefit of making changes to meet other requirements not mentioned above on the original order.

5.4.5 If the original requirement differs from the revision, the Quality Control Department has the authority to reject it. The company will be happy to review those changes that meet the requirements of the initial order.

6.4.6. The company has the right to reject reviews without giving any reason. Although it is also a decision of the company to issue a refund or not.

5. Discount or Unconditional promise

1.5.1. The Organization will not mindful or ensured any editing or designing assistance will be liberated from copyright infringement that is papers and different materials which are not composed by our organization essayists won't be seen or checked on programming. The Organization will not be capable to repay any sum if there should be an occurrence of editing is viewed as appropriated.

2.5.2. The client will have a fair amount of money returned assuming that the Organization neglects to convey the request on schedule. At the point when the organization says "Full Discount", it implies that the organization will discount 90% of paid sum while putting in the request. At the point when any client makes an installment, the installment handling organization deducts roughly 10% of the aggregate sum as administration charges and we got the excess sum.

3.5.3. The client needs to compose an email of discount guarantee to it’s doled out help staff part and afterward, that part will move the case to discount office.

4.5.4. In case assuming the undertaking expected more opportunity to finish, the Organization will illuminate the client and requested the expansion for the cutoff time, after the affirmation of augmentation, if the archive is as yet not followed through on time the discount strategy is material.

5.5.5. Customers with a guarantee of counterfeiting, disappointment, or unacceptable work should peruse out the "Fulfillment Assurance" segment to guarantee their discounts.

6.5.6. The client should answer back to the discount office in 72 hours utilizing email and determine the legitimate explanation. The Quality confirmation office will consider it if not; the case will close, assuming there is no answer from the client in the distributed time. If there should be an occurrence of no answer from the client till 10 days, we will close the discount case for all times and no discount will be given further on that case.

7.5.7. The Organization acknowledged the handle of discount, assuming the client gives the legitimate motivation to guarantee it. The Quality affirmation division will ask about the issue and request required records from the client according to the case and after the examination, a discount is handled for a similar client. The Quality affirmation office has the option to decline the case if it isn't meeting the arrangement standards. Our area of expertise likewise has the right to choose rates of discount after reports from their specialists' examination. Likewise in the event of not giving expected archives and replies to the Quality Confirmation division, Organization maintains all authority to drop discount guarantees.

8.5.8. When the discount rate concludes regardless, every one of the limits provided to that request will be waived off and deducted from the discount rate. For instance, a client gets a 10% rebate while submitting the request. A short time later client guaranteed for discount and the case goes in support of himself too. Then, at that point, anything the discount rate has been chosen organization and client, the 10% rebate previously given to the client at the hour of request putting will deduct from the concurred discount rate. Then, at that point, the remaining discount sum will be discounted to the client.

9.5.9. The organization won't engage in any discount situation when the request is paid to some extent.

10.5.10. After any discount given by the Organization, the client has no option to guarantee for the record and Friends maintain all authority to distribute, disseminate or offer it to the outsider. The client isn't approved to involve the specific item for some time later or some other reason.

6. Nature of Work

1.6.1. The Organization individuals make an honest effort to convey work of top-caliber that client doesn't fall flat in the assessment. Even though Organization gives no passing or explicit level assurance, this assistance is only for aiding reasons.

2.6.2. The Organization attempts to observe the guideline of giving 100 percent fulfilled work, so it's the Organization's assurance to give work till the end under their depicted strategies.

3.6.3. The company additionally ensured that they take each action to ensure that the conveyor work is 100 percent counterfeiting free.

4.6.4. The company offers three quality levels incorporates Gold (comparable to the first-class norm), Silver (identical to 2:1 norm), and bronze (comparable to 2:2 norm). Every quality level is associated with Organization's interior author's appraising framework. The gold level undertaking will be doled out to authors who have gold evaluations in our framework and the same concerning different levels. If a particular level essayist isn't accessible, then upper classifications author can be allocated. If upper classifications essayist is additionally not accessible, then the organization will settle on a choice with common comprehension with the client. We settled this author rating framework on many elements for keeping up with the best quality. Besides, Gold level can accomplish first-class norm, same-way Silver can be identical to 2:1 norm. Yet at the same time, our organization doesn't ensure explicit level grades since it might rely upon different conditions.

5.6.5. The work will be conveyed under the given cutoff time from the client and if there should arise an occurrence of augmentation, the care staff will email and specify the explanation of postponement of work.

6.6.6. If any of the above nature of working is in struggle, then, at that point, rules from our Fulfillment Assurance will be applied.

7. Cancellation of Order

1. 7.1. In case of order cancellation, the customer must inform the company immediately, e.g. if the processing time of the order is (10) days, it means that the customer will make the decision within 10%, ie 24 hours, and must inform the company within this 10% period.

2. 7.2. For the cancellation of an order, we charge 25% of the amount already paid. If the specified duration has elapsed, i.e. 10% of the period according to 7.1, and we then receive a request from the customer to cancel the same order, we will refund 50% of the amount. If 40% of the time limit has passed, there is no option to cancel an order.

3. 7.3. In the event of cancellation of the order by the Company for any reason, e.g. B. the unavailability of the author, the client is unable to pay the expert fees; the task requires the use of software that cannot be handled or anything else. The company will refund 90% of the amount paid, as we receive the same from the payment processing company. If the customer feels that their task has unusual requirements, we encourage them to contact our 24/7 live support agent before placing an order.

8. Disclaimer for Infringement

1. 8.1. The Client accepts the Agreement, which is a contract, and the Company will perform the Services following the Agreement. The customer does not allow breaking the contract or changing the policy and any contested wills will not be accepted by the company.

2. 8.2. All terms and conditions are accepted by the customer. The Company has the right to disqualify the Client for violating the rules and regulations mentioned in the Policy.

3.8.3 Any disclaimer or claim will only be processed after the verification process has been properly reported by the Quality Assurance Department.

9. Changes

1. 9.1. The company has the right to add to, modify, or change the policy without prior notice. The customer must accept the defined terms and conditions and be subject to the policies currently available on our website. It is recommended to check the company policy in time for the latest website update.

10. Other provisions

1.10.1. Entire Agreement: The Agreement contains all the terms and conditions between the Company and the Customer. The policy is provided to understand the agreement, and the customer is bound by the title of the agreement and any data provided by the customer will be kept confidential. The company is always ready to provide quality services based on the agreed agreement.

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